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Camphor Oil

Leveraging upon our expertise in the field of essential oil, we bring forth best quality Camphor Oil. Camphor Oil is extracted from the plant Cinnamomum Camphora which belongs to Lauraceae family. Camphor Oil is mainly used to treat lung infections and nervous depressions. Our Camphor Oil also has certain benefits for skin as well.

  • Treats lungs infection and nervous depression
  • Provides skin benefits when carefully used

Product Details

Family Lauraceae
Botanical Name Cinnamomum camphora(L)Mess & Eberum
Product Code M.K./E0/016
Type Essential Oil Pure & Natural Essential Oil
Country of origine India
Process of Extraction Steam distillation
Use of plant part Branches & Roots
Colour Colorless Or Yellowish Liquid
Grade Cosmetic
Perfumery Note Camphoraceous taste,followed by sensation of cold,pungent.

Physio-Chemical Properties

Characteristics Values
Colour and appearance colourless of yellowish liquid
Odour and taste camphoraceous odour, pungenet and camphoraceous taste, followed by a sensation of cold
Specific gravity (300C) 0.867 to 0.912
Optical rotation +200 to +200
Refractive index (300C) 1.4575 to 1.4655
Cineole content, min 30