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Clary Sage Oil

Our Clary Sage Oil is 100% pure oil and it is produced in cold pressing technology. Clary Sage Oil does not go through and “cleaning” process, unlike Fish Oil, (PCB and heavy metals) or Flax Oil, (cadmium and cyanide) which have the richest sources of Omega 3. Clary Sage Oil is very stable oil; it has a shelf-life for about two years if properly protected from sunlight, moisture and air.

  • Good for vital body organs, skin and hair
  • Increases attention and concentration
  • Has an anti depressive effect
  • Assist in proper fetal development
  • Soothes and improves moods
  • Lowers hyperactivity

Product Details

Botanical Name Salvia Sclarea/Family-Lamiaceae
Product Code M.K./E0/021
Type Essential Oil Pure & Natural Essential Oil
Country of origine Caroatia
Process of Extraction Hydro/Steam distillation
Process of Extraction -
Colour Pale yellow to yellow liquid
Grade Cosmetic
Perfumery Note Sweet herbaceaous,soft and tenacious.

Physio-Chemical Properties

Characteristics Values
Appearance pale yellow to yellow liquid
Odour sweet, herbaceous, soft and tenacious
Specific gravity (200C) 0.8920-0.9090
Refractive index (200C) 1.4580-1.4710
Optical rotation -60 to -250
Acid value 2 max
Ester value 40-7%
Solubility in 80% ethanol 1 : 3 max