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Rosemary Oil

We offer Rosemary Oil which is appreciated for its purity and nutrient values. Rosemary is a popular culinary herb in the Mediterranean countries. Rosemary Oil is mainly extracted from the leaves of Rosemary plant through a special process. Rosemary Oil has been used in various purposes since the ancient times. Efficiently packed, our Rosemary Oil is packed in the most suitable way to have long shelf life.

  • Food industry
  • Cosmetics industry
  • Herbal care

Product Details

Family Labiateae
Botanical Name Rosmarinus officinalis L.
Product Code M.K./E0/065
Type Essential Oil Pure & Natural Essential Oil
Country of origine India, France and USA
Process of Extraction Hydro Steam distillation/Steam distillation
Use of plant part Flowers,Leaves
Colour Colorless to pale yellow
Grade Cosmetic
Perfumery Note -

Physio-Chemical Properties

Origin refractive index (200C) Specific gravity (200C) Optical rotation (200C)
Morocco (Aboul) 1.4740 0.910 -0.330
Morocoo (Aouam) 1.4695 0.910 -0.770
Morocco (Karma) 1.4705 0.910 -1.180
Morocco (Safiat 2) 1.4712 0.917 +0.6120
Morocco (Ouizaat) 1.4700 0.911 -0.130
Spain 1 1.4770 0.900 -3.800
Spain 2 1.4696 0.902 +0.980
France 1.4728 0.906 +15.340
France (verbenone) 1.4723 0.920 +10.500